The Day After

Well, I’m home and doing pretty well from my surgery yesterday. I have quite a bit of soreness in my abdomen, but, I’m not in any type of pain. Not even taking any pain meds, which I understand is very unusual. All in all, everything has gone well.

You never really realize how much you use a muscle, until it is injured. Last night my core strength was just about 0%. Getting up to find something to eat, or use the bathroom took just about all the energy I had left.

But I slept pretty well. I woke up several times way too early, but managed to dose back off for a bit. I’m moving around a lot better today, but still pretty slow. When I’m up, I try to do everything in a single pass, since I get winded pretty easy.

I watched “The Proposal” last night, which was good, but not a good movie choice as it made me laugh quite a bit. I’m sure if the neighbors would have heard me, they would have called the police for possible abuse ;)

I appreciate all the emails and calls. If I don’t answer, I either can’t get to the phone, or I could be dozing. Thanks.

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