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The Day Before

Today marks the first day of my medical leave & I’m glad I took the day off before my procedure. This is by no means a vacation. I was able to get all my phone calls and followups taken care of this morning, and I’m scheduled for 11 AM tomorrow. Like semester exams, it’s one of those things you aren’t looking forward to, but just want to get it done and out of the way. Pretty much how I’m looking at it.

Also had a great impromptu lunch with my old friend Dale this afternoon. We hadn’t seen each other in quite a few years, but were able to pretty much pick up and chat like we saw each other yesterday. To me, that’s a mark of a true friend. Hope to have more connections like that in the near future.

I’ll probably be “out of it” for the next few days. But beyond that, I have some books I’m looking forward to reading, and some articles that need to be written.

Now, I plan on enjoying the rest of this beautiful Fall day.


Random Thoughts


Creative Commons License photo credit: JasonMaggini

It’s hard to believe it. But it’s almost been a month now since I started getting up at a normal time again. It’s not the first time I’ve tried to re-adjust my schedule over the past 18 years while working the 2nd shift. I’m still not sure exactly how it happened, but I think overall, I just got tired of the schedule I was keeping. The biggest change is not coming home, and turning on the TV. Such a major time suck, that TV is. I think the thing I like most, is waking up naturally, without an alarm clock.

This week is also the week that I will have my hernia surgery. Can’t really say that I’m looking forward to that. No worries, just want to get it over with. My outpatient surgery will be on Thursday. Then, I’m told I will be down for about a week, with limited activity in the 2nd week. Hopefully this won’t throw my new schedule out of kittywampus.


Fall Colors

One of my favorite activities is to jump in the car, and head for a drive in the country. This is something I remember we used to do as a family when I was growing up. Seemed like we would drive far away, and would be gone forever. I love a good country road. All dirt and gravel, no blacktop to be seen for miles. Better have a good sense of direction too, because that cow only knows the way back to the barn.

I have to wonder. Were those trips to the country on a sunny weekend afternoon, really just a ploy to drop us kids off in the middle of nowhere? Maybe mom and dad couldn’t get their stories straight? Or maybe they just couldn’t let go of those two adorable trouble makers bouncing around in the back seat? That’s probably why they never brought a camera along. Good thing I bring mine along each time I go. Like yesterday:

Better Days

Better Days

Beautiful Red Barn

Beautiful Red Barn

Who wouldn't want to come home to this?

Who wouldn't want to come home to this?

Almost all of my snapshots are taken from the car window. One day, I will learn to take better shots. Until then, I’ll just have to enjoy the scenery while it goes on by.


The Personal Brand

Yesterday I spent my Saturday at BrandCampU hosted by Lawrence Tech. BrandCampU is a Detroit area conference dedicated to exploring one’s personal brand, and extending it via social media.


All of the speakers were top notch, knew their stuff and presented professionally. Many of the speakers had books that they had written, but none of them were for sale while there at the conference. That’s something I appreciate, as sometimes you go to a conference and it turns out to be a big sales pitch. BrandCampU was not like that.

This years speakers were:

    Hajj Flemings – BrandCampU Founder
    Scott Monty – Digital & Communications Manager for Ford Motor Company
    Valeria Maltoni – The Conversation Agent
    Mitch Joel – Author of Six Pixels of Separation
    Kenneth Brown – Author of Leap of Faith and McDonalds franchisee
    Rohit Bhargava – Ogilvy 360 & Author of Personality Not Included
    April L. Holmes – 2008 Paralympic Olympic Gold Medalist
    Robert (Bob) Fish – Founder of Biggby Coffee

I didn’t stay for the last 2 presentations, though I wish I would have. This was also my first time on campus at Lawrence. Nice facilities. I heard the WiFi was great, but someone still doesn’t have a laptop or mobile device. Sigh. Maybe next time.

Overall, the conference was good; I met and heard some great people. They’re already talking about next year. For now, I’m off to read through my notes, to see if I can apply some of the things I learned.


Fall Rainbow

Fall Rainbow

I was driving across 26 Mile in Northern Macomb this past Saturday when I spotted this rainbow. Not that you could miss it. I stopped to take a couple pictures in different places along the way home. The colors are a lot more brilliant, but I’m not sure if a better camera would have captured them or not. I drove over to the water front in New Baltimore, hoping to see it over the water, but it didn’t reach that far.

You can see more images in this Flickr set.


101 Degrees in the Shade … and Living Room?

Hi there. I’m your digital thermostat. Instead of keeping the house a nice steady temperature, I’m going to break today, and keep running until you get back home and do something about it. Farewell.

Now, if I had gotten a note like that yesterday before I left the house, I never would have left. But it seems the thermostat, which was acting a bit wonky earlier in the week, shorted out while I was gone. So, when I walked in the house yesterday from an afternoon of running around, I was hit in the face with heat. The furnace was running on full tilt, and the thermostat was completely blank. Unbelievable. The house was so hot, the doorknobs where warm to the touch. The thermostat was reading 101 degrees. I have no idea how long this was running for, but must have came on shortly after I left. It took almost 2 hours with the fans and windows open to clear the heat out of the house.

Thermostat on the brink

I guess you never know what’s going to happen when you leave home. I’m just glad I didn’t have any pets. Well, I know what I’ll be working on this afternoon.


It’s Fall Again…

I guess that means it must be time for me to dust off the old blog again. Strange behavior at best.

I know what you did…
Did everyone have a good Summer? I had a list of things that I wanted to do, some got done, while others, not so much. Over all I thought it was pretty good season. I don’t recall breaking any records in the weather department, which I think is a good thing.

Crazy Stuff
For the past two weeks, my sleeping schedule has done a full 180. After years of not being able to fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning, (remember I work 2nd shift), I’m now finding myself up and out of bed by 7ish in the morning. (2 or 3 days last week, and 4 in a row this week) Even crazier, is the fact that I’m liking it; I was never a morning person. We’ll have to see how long this goes on for.

I updated WordPress today. Had a crazy widget grab all my Tweets and publish them as individual post, even though I told it not to. Hopefully I was able to delete them before they ended up in the feed.

Speaking of upgrade, have you upgraded your WordPress recently? I went from 2.6 to 2.8.4 today, so I know I was a bit behind. As they say, the cobblers kids have no shoes. I use it for other places and clients, but it’s good to have the latest set up on my personal space too. Up next will probably be a new theme.

Have a great day. Or, a great year, if I wait until next October ;)

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