But is it Delicious?

For some time now, I’ve had a program called Delicious Library, but haven’t taken full advantage of it. Delicious Library is a Mac only program that catalogs all your media, and keeps it in a nice neat database. This is good for record keeping (Do we have this movie?) and supposedly for insurance purposes. Although it can keep track of things other than your DVD collection, such as books and tools, I really consider it a one trick pony. But what it does, it does well.

One of the strong features of the program is the ability to use a webcam in the form of a bar code scanner. And since the new laptop has just such a webcam built in, I decided to update my movie collection from scratch yesterday.


Scanning was pretty much a snap. On some older movies, I couldn’t get a clear shot of the bar code. Kinda felt like the checker at the supermarket tirelessly trying to get something to scan. But it beats entering everything by hand.

The 2nd best feature of the program is the ability to take all this new info, and publish it to your own webpage. Which I did. As snazzy as the exported layouts are, it really doesn’t float my boat. I’d like to have a built in search and a better way to sort. I can make code changes, but that makes future updates difficult at best. For now, it’s good enough.


You can see my library by going here. You will see most of my collection is Disney based, or similar. Anything VHS is probably on it’s way soon to a local library. The collection total is inaccurate, since it counts items each time they show up on a virtual shelf.

So maybe it’s not exactly delicious, but it’s certainly handy; And, the bar code scanner makes it easy to keep up to date.

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  • http://williamkaiser.com Bill

    OK – I admit the barcode reader is pretty sweet!

  • http://williamkaiser.com Bill

    OK – I admit the barcode reader is pretty sweet!

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