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Monday, Monday…

Just doing a quick update today. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving this past weekend. Mine started out great, and crashed with a major cold early Saturday. It’s been awhile since I’ve been sick, and as usual, most of my cold supplies were expired so I had to replenish again.

I did manage to go out to a few stores on Friday, but not until late in the Afternoon. There was nothing I wanted, needed or couldn’t find online. Too many crazy people in one place is never a good thing.

On a more positive note: After a year of looking, and kicking the tires, I leased a new Dodge Journey this past Wednesday. I wanted to take a better picture of it, but I don’t think the sun ever poked it’s head out this weekend. It’s pretty roomy, even for someone of my size; There’s at least 4″ – 6″ above my head, depending on how I sit. Lurch is still sitting in the driveway. Hopefully he will go to a good home by years end.

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