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Man’s Best Friend

Odie was our childhood pet when my sister and I were growing up. He was the coolest dog.

Here, Odie is striking a pose while sporting a Coca-Cola cap.

Odie Joe



Izzi Corn Maze
No crop circles here. This corn maze is on a farm not far from where I live. The local paper reported that it took 3 days to cut, some of it by hand. I’ve never been to one of these, but I bet it’s lots of fun for the little ones.

(Click thumbnail for a larger picture)
Via: Izzi Farms


PayPal: A Little More Secure?

I’ve been using the new PayPal Security Key for a little more than a month now. It’s not as big of a hassle as I thought it might be.

The key, as presumed, is linked to my PayPal account. Upon login, you press the button to generate a new 6 digit code, and append that to your password before hitting enter.

Is it more secure? Well, for the most part, I say yes because it adds an additional layer of protection. That combined with a good password should be sufficient. This of course doesn’t rule out a possible ‘man in the middle’ scenario, or the chance that it will could one day be cracked. For now, I think an extra layer of protection is a good thing.

PayPal Security Key


Horse Stuck in a Tree

So much for horse sense!

horse stuck in a tree

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New [Glossy] MacBooks

I decided to stop by my local, friendly Apple store Saturday, to take a look-see at the new MacBooks released earlier this week. Ooooh! Shiney! Me likey. There’s just one problem. They’re too shiney. Seriously. The glare coming off of these things is just too much. I’m sure it’s something you can get used to, but why should you have to? I can live without the missing Firewire port everyone seems to be up in arms over, but the lack of a matte finish, is, well, a glaring omission.

I will say however, the new 24″ LED display was beautiful, and would be awesome to watch digital media on, assuming you can adequately control the lighting behind you.

I’ll eventually have to upgrade to a newer machine; Hopefully by then, a matte finish will at least be a build to order option.


35 Cents a Gallon?

Gas for .35 cents? Seems that is what happened at a Wisconsin gas station earlier this week, when a station attendant put the decimal in the wrong position while updating the price. Quite a bargain for those 30 – 40 people who filled up before the mistake was corrected!

Via Chicago Tribune


Fall in Michigan

I love barns. Especially red ones.
I snapped this one last Sunday afternoon when it was nice and sunny.

Red Barn

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