The Games We Play

I’ve never been a “Gamer” in the traditional sense of the word. Sure, I like to run through caverns, pilot space ships and blow things up in general. I mean, what guy doesn’t? As a kid, I loved basic arcade games. We could put a quarter in the machine, and make it last for hours.


These days I seem to be addicted to sudoku. I keep a widget on my computer dashboard, and often find myself unable to play “just this one game”. I’m by no means great at it, but I have gotten pretty good, at least on the easy level. The widget I have awards points on how fast you complete the board, but I don’t think the game is meant to be played that way. I usually take my time, trying to play error free instead.

My Mac friends can find a copy of the widget here.

I think I’ll try “just one more game…”

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