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Tick Tock

Ugh. Sitting and waiting for someone to come to your house for a repair always seems to take forever. Doesn’t matter if it is the phone company or a delivery truck, their timing is always out of sync with yours. The repair guy seems to be running on that same schedule.

So, as I waited today, I made use of the time and began the “Purge of 2008″, going through the junk room and getting stuff ready either for goodwill or trash day. It’s not always easy to determine which is which. I mean, once you fight off the feeling that “Hey, I might use this again one day” and decide to part with it, a decision needs to be made whether it truly does have some use left, or whether to just pitch it.

Over the years, my dad has coined a phrase that I like a lot: “Lighten the Load”. And he’s right. How much junk do we really need to keep around? I’m hoping to make this round of “Lighten the Load” my most productive yet.

3PM and still no repair man. His loss. I gotta go to work.


Snow Snow… Go Away!

LA Zoo

Beautiful blue skies. Luscious green vegetation. The sun was warm and toasty! Of course, this photo was taken at the LA Zoo in the fall of 2005. Quite a stark contrast to the whopping 2 degrees we have in Michigan right now.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to day dream of warmer places as the hyperthermia begins to set in… Stay warm!


Good Help

Good help is hard to find these days!

moar funny pictures

Couldn’t resist another LOL cat. :)


Crappy Job

Saw this truck the other day when I was out and about:

Scoop Poop

Two thoughts come to mind:

First, if you think your job is crap, at least your not scooping it up.

Second and more importantly, who would have thought scoop’n poop was a profitable business? Well, I don’t know if it is actually profitable or not, but they have made it their business to project a positive image on a task most people find undesirable.

Too many people say there is no work to be had; They resign themselves to the notion that the economy is in the crapper, and just give up. But for the little guy that goes out and makes a difference every day? I applaud them.

Too bad their website doesn’t resolve. They should get a better host.


Things that go Bump

I hear things. Strange things. Things that make me wonder. Things that make wonder “What the heck has crawled under my house?!” kind of things.

I woke up this morning afternoon to what at first sounded like someone shoveling snow down the street. I soon determined that some little critter has taken up residence underneath my mansion house. I can’t say that I like this much.

I stomped around on the floor for a minute or so, and haven’t heard it since. I either scared what ever it was off, or it died of a heart attack. I’m hoping for the former of the two.

A few days ago, I posted about the heavy winds that we had, and the damage that it caused to the house. That damage hasn’t been fixed yet. It is however, right at the top of my never-ending-to-do-list now.

Stay tuned.


The Mean Kitty Song

I’d seen this video some time ago, and just recently came across it again. Love it. Anyone who’s had a kitten can relate.


Need. More. Speed.


I can remember years ago, when I first moved out this way in 1994, my roommates and I would do anything to get a better connection to the internet. Back then, it was only dial up, and even though we lived in a newer development, the phone lines for the area were not all that great. On a good day, we could almost top out at 28.8 K. Blazing, I know.

Frustrated that we couldn’t obtain anywhere near the 53K cap on our 56K modems, my friend Kevin and I considered trying to tie two 56K modems together with multiple phone lines, but never went through with it.

These days, I wouldn’t even consider moving to an area that didn’t at least offer a 5 meg connection. Not really sure if that is spoiled, or just the times that we live in.

Of course, broadband comes with a price, and it is good to know what kind of connection you are getting for your money. I like to use a website called Speedtest. Ya. I like the snazzy graphics. Watching the little red needle gets me every time. Maybe one of these days, I’ll have a connection that hits the redline!

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