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I’ll huff and puff and blow your house down!

Tuesday night brought in some rather cold and windy weather. I was on the phone with my sister after work, and within an hour and a half, the temperature had dropped about 22 degrees. Brrr!!. But the wind. The wind was pretty bad. Any time the wind kicks up as it did, I automatically get a bit antsy, knowing that something on my house is soon to depart. It’s almost always a piece of skirting or two. Tuesday night was no exception. I went outside at 5 AM to see exactly what was missing, and if I could keep anything else from flying down the street.

I had lost 3 pieces in a row, but was able to recover 2 of them right away. Now, I have a nice gaping hole on the west side of the house:


I will have someone come out in the next day or so, to fix the hole and tighten up anything that is loose. It’s not only too cold to deal with, but the way skirting is suppose to lock in place (but doesn’t) usually frustrates me. Better to have someone who’s more inclined to that sort of thing take care of it.

And, as I sit here typing away at the keyboard listening to the furnace kick on for the umpteenth time since I came home, I remember to be thankful for the roof over my head and a furnace that still works.

There’s always a silver lining in the cloud. But you knew that, right?


No Snow Required.


Well, for the last 2 days, we’ve had snow here in Michigan. Not a lot of snow, just enough to cover everything. Certainly not enough to build a real good snowman. But who wants to build a snowman? It’s cold, and wet and you can’t even bring them inside.

Now I wish I would have picked up this snowman at my friendly neighborhood Walmart. He was definitely dressed for the occasion.

This one’s for mom. :)


Macheist II Bundle: Last Call


OS X only:
Today is the last day to pick up an insanely great deal on software for your Mac. Since I posted about this last week, an additional and final application called VectorDesigner has been added, bringing the total retail value of the bundle to just under $500. 14 applications for $49, with 25% of your purchase to be given to one of 10 charities. I purchased the bundle, and am looking forward to playing working with my new toys productivity tools.



MacWorld 08 in 60 seconds

MacWorld 08 was going on this time last week. But, the keynote is almost 90 minutes long. Who’s got time for that? Here’s a video of MacWorld 08 in sixty seconds:

Via: Mahalo


I can has cheezburger?

I’ve spent waaay too much time on this site. After awhile, many of the pics start to look the same, (overload?) but there are definitely some funny ones.

Here was one of my favorites:

funny pictures

The english teachers have to love this.

Via: I Can Has Cheezburger?



Since today is the day of rest, a good nap is in order. So, why not another corny joke?

Q: What is the best place in the whole USA, to take a nap?
A: Why, in Nappa Valley, of course! 


Do you Hulu?


Hulu is a new ad supported premium video content site created in partnership with News Corporation and NBC Universal.

I started using the Hulu beta sometime over the Christmas holiday, and was pleased with both the amount of video available, and the quality of the stream. At the time, I was at my parents house who have a basic DSL connection. I was concerned that the connection would not be enough to keep up with the stream. I was wrong. I was able to watch video on a 768 kbs connection at full screen with very few stutters or hiccups.

To be sure, full screen video is not anywhere near DVD quality, but was easily watchable in my opinion. The selection of video ranges from recent hit shows, to old favorites dating back to the 80′s, with the newer shows having the better quality.

I’m not exactly sure how long of a lead time there is from a show’s original broadcast to the time it is made available on Hulu, but I am sure that my sister and her husband will welcome the opportunity to catch up on all the episodes of Monk, amongst other personal favorites.

You can sign up for the beta by going directly to

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